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Read the news as it happens! Get the breaking news and highlights which are happening around the world in real time and share it with others.

24 News

24 News is a real-time news service that uses Twitter to discover the latest highlights and breaking news around the world and bring them to you first as they happen.

By downloading the 24 News app you will be able to

  • Get the top news in a real-time and never miss anything important that has happened during a day!

  • Discover what is happening around the world and get real-time news and highlights about breaking news, international events, opinions, business, politics, technology, entertainment, and sport.

  • Easily find out top photos, news sources, and hashtags in a world of news.

24hours News

24hours News app is to support older devices with older iOS versions.

  • Photo viewer is available for the photos in the news for zooming, rotation, and sharing the news along with its photo right from the viewer.

  • Links can be opened and web pages can be viewed directly within an app.

  • Easily find out top photos,

  • Top hashtags,

  • And top news agencies!

Privacy Policy

Account Registration

In order to use 24hours News app you could connect by either your Faecbook account or Twitter account. This only requires to authenticate users who are using our services with our servers. In this process your name, your email address (only by Facebook), user ID, etc. will be used in order to create your account on our servers.

There is no need for Email address in order to use 24hours News app. The Twitter account will not share your Email address and Facebook has the option to not share your Email address. You can still use the services we provide for you without sharing you email address.

It is also possible to connect anonymously in new versions and use 24hours News app without sharing any information.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone at anytime. The 24hours News will keep your personal information secure and will not share it with anyone else.

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